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David Haliva

is the founder and creative director of a Tel Aviv-based branding studio and the Editor in Chief and designer of As Promised magazine. In addition to spearheading all branding initiatives at his studio, Haliva, a creator and publisher, lives and breathes aesthetics, while always keeping his eye set on the next thing people will want to get their hands on.

Haliva is the author of Divine Food, an exploration of Israeli and Palestinian cuisine, published by Gestalten. Divine Food’s culinary journey begins in the North, with its temperate climate and succulent vegetables; to Tel Aviv, where young chefs find new ways to interpret culinary traditions; to Jerusalem, a city of pilgrimage that boasts a myriad of staple dishes; and to the South where nomadic lifestyles inspire desert cuisine.



Roee Lotan

is a creative director and co-founder of Any_. He is also the co-founder of As Promised Media, publishing a quarterly Levantine culture magazine.

Lotan believes in culture as a driver of change in individuals, brands, and societies. In 2017, he launched Any_good, the pro-bono pillar of Any_ where impact meets design for brands focusing on humanitarian efforts. To date, their work has helped crowdfund over $100k and millions of views on social media.

Born in Jerusalem, Lotan started his design career in London in 2003 at St. Martin’s college, gained a degree from Bezalel Academy in 2008 and went on to launch his creative consultancy firm in 2009. In 2015, he launched his partnered design agency in NY and LA.

Roy takes inspiration from travel and noodles. He believes that everything in our life deserves attention, whether it's a building or bowl of soup. 


Assaf Dagan

is a digital communication specialist, creative director and co-founder of the New York-based creative agency Any_, and As Promised Media group.

Originally from Israel, Dagan’s communication career took place in Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Paris and New York, and granted him the industry's highest recognitions, as well as the title of professional foreigner and cultural chameleon. His work and intention are to simplify complex services and stories into their most basic building blocks, as means for communication. As a serial foreigner, Dagan’s passion lies in a coherent expression of the nuances and intricacies of Israeli culture and design, and to communicate that to the world.



Cassie Marie Arison

is an entrepreneur, humanitarian and co-founder of As Promised Media group. Her appreciation of storytelling, the arts and people drive her every endeavor. Born in Miami Beach to the founding family of cruising, Cassie began her early education in fine arts and theater in Tel- Aviv and is an alumnus of The New School. Through the Cassie M. Foundation she has spearheaded initiatives from Colorado and Miami, to New York City, Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, supporting regenerative urban farming and education of at risk youth. Cassie enjoys a deep appreciation of architecture and urban design. She resides in New York City and frequents her home country of Israel often to soak up routine cultural inspiration.




Meryl Fontek

is the editor of As Promised magazine. Originally from New Jersey, Fontek graduated from Binghamton University in 2015 with a degree in Creative Writing, before relocating to Tel Aviv for a summer writing internship. She has yet to leave. She began her professional career at a creative agency specializing in international PR for clients in the hospitality and lifestyle sectors, which led her to discover her true passion, editorial writing. Driven by a love for the written word and propelled by curiosity, she extracts potential content in everyday interactions. Encountering Joan Didion’s, Goodbye To All That, during a Freshman Introduction to Creative Writing class, Fontek knew that writing would become both her refuge and compulsion.



Niv Alexander

is As Promised Media group strategic consultant