As Promised is home to an international team and cast of contributors that offer a unique perspective into the region’s design, culinary and cultural happenings. 

A little bit about us. 

Meryl Fontek is the editor of As Promised magazine. Originally from New Jersey, Fontek graduated from Binghamton University in 2015 with a degree in Creative Writing, before relocating to Tel Aviv for a summer writing internship. She has yet to leave. She began her professional career at a creative agency specializing in international PR for clients in the hospitality and lifestyle sectors, which led her to discover her true passion, editorial writing. Driven by a love for the written word and propelled by curiosity, she extracts potential content in everyday interactions. Encountering Joan Didion’s, Goodbye To All That, during a Freshman Introduction to Creative Writing class, Fontek knew that writing would become both her refuge and compulsion.

Ronit Vered is food and travel journalist who has written the Guide Map of Restaurants in Israel and 101 Good Days. She served as editor for Israel’s first published Culinary Travel Guide. Since 2007 she has written a dining column for this magazine and covered sections dealing with the culture of food in the world. She also regularly holds lectures and leads tours surrounding the culture of local cuisine. She is among the founders and organizers of the Polish Food Week in Israel, which features the food culture of Jewish Eastern European cuisine.

Dan Perez is one of Israel’s busiest food photographers. Working with some of the country’s top chefs on productions for magazines and culinary books, Perez has created a defined style of food photography that anyone can recognize as his own. As one of Israel’s leading food photographers, he’s worked on a variety of projects from top advertising campaigns and packaging design to editorial content. In recent years, Perez has worked with several leading Israeli chefs on their cookbooks. His photographs regularly appear in local and international culinary magazines.


Michal Levit attained a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Gastronomic Sciences, Italy. In her final thesis, she conducted research about the ways in which Local Wild Food is perceived in Israel. Levit is a food journalist and an activist who promotes better food consumption. She publishes articles about food through prisms of society, gender, politics, and sustainability in the Israeli food journals. Recently was the host and content developer for a culinary web series about Israeli food, and she is working as a culinary advisor and a food curator for festivals and events.  


Dor Kedmi is a Tel Aviv-based photographer, originally from Jerusalem. Kedmi specializes in architectural and cultural events. In 2016, he received his BA in Photographic Communications from Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem, Israel.


Yuval Saar is a designer, curator, entrepreneur, lecturer and journalist. Saar is the editor-in-chief and founder of the online design magazine Portfolio. In 2014, he founded Tel Aviv’s Illustration Week and has since served as its chief curator and artistic director. Saar has worked creatively with The Museum of Islamic Art (Jerusalem), the Eretz Israel Museum (Tel Aviv), the Artists House (Tel Aviv), Hansen House (Jerusalem), Design Museum (Holon)  and Periscope Gallery (Tel Aviv). For the past ten years he has been a lecturer in the Master’s degree program in Industrial Design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

Alon Shastel is a photographer based between Paris and Tel Aviv. The creation of images has been a pursuit of Shastel’s since boyhood. At the age of 10, he began using analog cameras and developing the images in a darkroom constructed in the back of an old bus. When using film, he feels he can establish a closer connection to nostalgic visions that relate to memories of his early years. In his work, Shastel often documents youth in natural landscapes, reviving his childhood memories in Israel. Shastel captures the rawness and sensuality of youth, an overarching theme throughout his work. Largely cast from the street, his subjects appear in their natural state, without makeup and direct in their expressions. But Shastel’s work goes beyond a superficial representation of young people reconciling their beauty and awkwardness. He finds a deeper resonance of the individual — hidden qualities that can be at once intimate and unguarded.

Clement Chapillon is a french documentary photographer focusing on the link between the land and the people. After graduating from the Gobelins school, he started his documentary work on Israel and Palestine during several long trips to the Middle East. The series called “Promise Me a Land” was published in various outlets such as Le Monde, Arte and L’Obs and was exhibited in several festivals and cultural institutions including Voies-Off Arles, Circulations, Tbilisi, MAC Paris, WBC Jerusalem and won the Leica Prize in 2017 which led to his solo show at Leica Gallery in Paris in April 2018 and the creation of his book “Promise Me a Land” published by Kehrer Verlag in May 2018.

Inbal Sinai is a writer, entrepreneur and producer of art and design projects. Sinai has a Master’s degree in Management and Economics for Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment from Bocconi University in Milan, where she lived for eight years before returning to Tel Aviv in 2017. With years of experience working in the advertising sector, Sinai now specializes in cultural marketing and consulting for communications strategies that combine art and culture.


Nomi Abeliovich is a multidisciplinary artist and architect turned food writer, researcher & consultant based in Tel Aviv. In 2009 she set up Gastronomi, a creative studio that occupies the fascinating space between food and architecture. Abeliovich is the author of several cookbooks and her articles have been published in numerous publications including The Atlantic and Roads & Kingdoms. She has had the opportunity to work on, contribute to and impact a variety of highly notable and globally recognized projects including as a researcher and contributor on Jerusalem, A Cookbook and as a food consultant on Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown”, Jerusalem episode.

Andrew Wasserstein is a creative strategist living between Tel Aviv and New York. His passion for cities, architecture and art inspires his travel, writing and photography pursuits. He works at Xhibition, a creative and PR agency operating within the realms of architecture, design and hospitality. He previously held positions at Tel Aviv’s Center for Contemporary Art and Interview Magazine in New York.


Jeremy Suyker is a French documentary photographer and reporter specialized in sociocultural and contemporary issues. He engaged his career in 2011 to report on the aftermath of the Sri Lankan civil war. The following year he embarked for Myanmar where historical political changes were occurring. Jeremy travels to Iran since 2013, documenting the country’s rich culture and history. The Persian Factory, his piece on Tehran’s underground art scene, has been published worldwide. His works can be found in The National GeographicThe Sunday Times MagazineGEONewsweek JapanThe Washington PostSternDer SpiegelInternazionaleLe Figaro MagazineL’Equipe MagazineSlate and 6Mois.

Hila Shemer is a Tel Aviv and London based practicing architect and artist, as well as an architecture critic publishing over 200 articles thus far, both online and in print. Shemer is an M.A. graduate with  distinction of the Architectural Association in London (2018), and holds a B.Arch. from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (2010). For the last eight years, she has been teaching architecture at various institutes including Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. At the Architectural Association Shemer is a tutor of a creative writing workshop at the Inter-professional Studio (AAIS) MA and MFA program.

Maayan Goldman is a writer from Tel Aviv. Goldman writes essays about visual and textural culture for various platforms, focusing on feminist and queer perspectives. She is currently working on her doctoral thesis at Tel Aviv University. Her debut novel Woman Reclining was published in November 2018.

Shay Lee Nissim is a stylist living in Tel Aviv. Responsible for campaigns of leading fashion brands in Israel, Nissim also leads theatrical productions for magazines in both Israel and abroad. She works in conjunction with Israeli culture, the city of Tel Aviv and social reform programs.

Evan Fallenberg is the artistic director of the Translation Residency program at Mishkenot Shaananim. An award-winning novelist and translator of Hebrew novels, plays and libretti, he teaches creative writing and literary translation at Bar-Ilan University and Vermont College of Fine Arts.


Natalie Shafrir is a graduate of Slow Food university of Gastronomic Sciences. She writes and creates inspired by the many faces of food and food culture, telling stories through the social and historical anecdotes they reveal. She researches the meal as a space for communication. Her texts have been published in Delicious, Forbes, Haaretz, The Table, and other platforms in Israel and abroad. Over the years she has become a huge natural wine nerd when she isn’t in Tel Aviv she is in a vineyard somewhere in Georgia.

Asaf Einy is a photographer and video artist based in Tel Aviv. Einy is a graduate of the Fine Art department at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, where he received a BFA. His work combines documentary and fictional content and has had his work was showcased in the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, as well as in publications around the world.

Miri Davidovitz is an Israeli artist living in Tel Aviv. She is a photographer who works in both the fashion and fine art world. Davidovitz is known for mixing traditional motifs with cutting edge trends. Her work has been displayed in numerous solo exhibitions in the likes of The Eretz Israel Museum, the Tel Aviv Artists’ House and group exhibitions at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Gon Ben Ari is an Israeli writer, screenwriter and journalist. At 21 years old, Ben Ari, originally from Nahalal, published his first book, The Children’s Room. At the same time, began contributing to newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth cultural supplement where he soon became an editorial board member covering cinema, literature and music until 2013. Between 2013 and 2016, Ben Ari lived in Brooklyn and worked at Vice Media and participated in the creation of a music video for Bob Dylan’s A Rolling Stone, which won Best Video of 2013 in Time Magazine and earned four Golden Lion Awards at the Cannes Film Festival. Recently, Ben Ari has produced campaigns for Budweiser, Samsung and Toyota and the video for Lola Marsh’s Wishing Girl.