Graphic Evolution

Two dimensional design becomes tangible and stylish with Shufff.

Photos by Roni Cnaani, Art Direction: Zohar Koren, Styling: Tamar Levit, Clothing by Muslin Brothers & TRES

“I’ve always admired scarves and thought of them as an empty canvas that can host almost any kind of style and graphic; a great playground for creative ideas,” explains Shufff founder, Nirit Binyamini. Shufff began in 2016, propelled by Binyamini’s fascination with transforming 2D designs into 3D materials and seeing how graphics collide and form new compositions. Shufff, from the word shuffle, has the intention that because of the nature of the prints, clients style the silk-cotton blend scarves in their own way. The brand operates by way of an eco-conscious supply chain, where every piece is produced following an order.

The Fall/Winter scarf collection is a result of a collaboration between Shufff and several Tel Aviv based independent designers and artists. Designers include: Avi Neeman, Hila Shamir, Geffen Refaeli, Zohar Koren and Idan Am-Shalem. Each collection features five to ten designs in a selection of scarf sizes: handkerchief, medium and large. The designers showcased their respective experimental approaches through their prints. From investigating geometry and repetition, to creating manual-digital complex sceneries and implementing mixed media illustrations with ink and cutouts, the collaboration resulted in an eclectic unisex Fall/Winter collection.


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