An exploration of taste where regional traditions and local ingredients meet on your spoon. 

Traversing Taste

On the Hummus Route traces the lineage of a golden legume from the bustling streets of Cairo, through narrow alleys of Gaza, to Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Nazareth, Jerusalem, Acre, Damascus, and Beirut.

Northern Respite

History, tradition and mystery unfold during a trip to the Rai restaurant and distillery.

Desert Spirit

Inspired by a Tuscan mentality, Midbar winery masters the art of simplicity.

Fresh Bites

In celebration of Egyptian street food, Zooba takes center stage.

Perfect Pairing

Husband & wife culinary duo of Majda celebrate traditional and innovative local cuisine.

Citrus Season

Flourishing in the Mediterranean sun, a cast of citrus fruits are woven into the culinary culture.

With A Dash of Love

Ernesto and Matan create photogenic delicacies in their kitchen, making staying in all the more tempting.