Light Worship

“I started going to church everyday, to enjoy the quiet and to take photos.”

“He intrigued me, so I followed him,” recalls Dor Kedmi of how following an Ethiopian priest wearing a black robe lead him to begin his Church Project photo series. With a high sensitivity to minimalist aesthetics, photographer Dor Kedmi shoots with an instinct triggered by light. “When I see an amazing light, anything can become a subject. In the case of the Church Project, the first thing that attracted me to take photos there is the almost divine light that pours through the windows. There was something magical about it.”

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Sand Castles

Oblivious to the power pulsing through their long legs, soft curves, swollen lips, teenagers in the desert tilt their heads toward the sun, until their bodies radiate the heat of the terrain.

Model Behavior

Miri Davidovitz uses fashion to shift the conversation surrounding a people.

What Lies Beneath

Fatma Shanan’s large scale oil paintings of traditional rugs depict a connection to customary symbols as well as carving out space for modern dialogue.