Traversing Taste

History, tradition and mystery unfold during a trip to the Rai restaurant and distillery.

Judaism, Untouched By Time

A depiction of daily life rooted in tradition and undiluted by centuries. To photograph, by definition, is to remove one’s self from the collective whole

Jerusalem, Between a Fork and Knife

Chefs Assaf Granit and Kamel Hashlamon embark on a journey through Jerusalem, the Galilean village of Rameh and finally to Istanbul, and uncover the nuances of regional cuisine.

Light Worship

“I started going to church everyday to enjoy the quiet and take photos.” – Dor Kedmi

The Last Sesame Growers

As the number of sesame farmers dwindles, the ones that remain are fueled by passion and are gifted with profound patience. Abu Zaki bends down