Layers Of Intention

Inspired by the past, Miri Davidovitz creates an ideal version of the future. 

Against an external wall of a falafel fast-food restaurant in Yaffo, Miri Davidovitz set the stage for her photo shoot. The series features a selection of male and female models, visibly from various parts of the world. Photographer, Miri Davidovitz was inspired by the immigrants of both past and present. “Today, people move from country to country and to different continents for many reasons. Traditions are mixed as a result of this.” Davidovitz specifies that the Eastern European style of layering, which was once considered outdated and a signifier of low socioeconomic status, simply as a utilitarian means to keep warm, is now very much in vogue. The shoot explores the concept of mixing, of using both high and lowbrow to achieve a desired look. The style has been adapted by high-end fashion houses such as Gucci, Burberry and Balenciaga. “I created what I wish society would look like, a harmonious fusion where all people are accepted,” Davidovitz shares.


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