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An interactive album is changing the way we experience music.

Singer, songwriter and producer Jonathan Dagan, otherwise known as J.Views produces melodic sounds with a delicate nostalgia, reminiscent of a dream you could’ve sworn was real. J.Views doesn’t drop an album, he releases music in the truest definition of the word, like unraveling a spool of thread, thoughtfully and organically. The artist’s latest album 401 Days, released in May 2016, involved an audience throughout the conception process. The creative pursuit entitled, The DNA Project is an interactive album making method. 

“The idea was to document the process of making an album one milestone at a time. I walked into this journey without a single song written and the whole point was to involve the audience in the process, which ended up taking 401 days to finish,” recalls Dagan. As the album was under way, the lifelines of the tracks from ideas to demos and collaborations, were traceable online and in real time. Dagan felt that there was a link missing between traveling around the world for inspiration, talking to strangers, composing and then recording. The DNA Project reveals the story of the song itself, closing the gap between an artist’s creative process and the moment a stranger presses play. 

J.Views partnered with the ethereal singer and lyricist Ana Diaz during a campaign to create the perfect soundtrack for Harman Kardon in the Volvo XC40. Over the course of three weeks, the duo traveled through Amsterdam, Stockholm and Berlin to collaborate with musicians, engineer the sounds of the universal desire to travel and bottle the inspiration it propels.


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