Sounds To Live By

A musical twosome shed their ego somewhere between Tel Aviv and Zurich.

Listening to Dorj is an active practice in self control. How long can you resist dimming the lights and reaching for that person, that person who is already yours, or the one who remains a hologram, just out of reach. A sound that makes you wistful, unsteady by intoxicating nostalgia, simultaneously inspiring you to lift your gaze and bravely lock eyes with the future. Dor Turgeman, otherwise known as Dorj has a sound that is as tender as it is poignant, reminding us that vulnerability is an armor of its own kind. “I’m just the messenger, a pipe that transports energy,” explains Dorj.  “How the music touches you is secondary. The essential idea is that music can stir what other things cannot penetrate,” Dorj continues. 

His upcoming album, Muar, will be released in May 2019 in collaboration with Zurich based musician/DJ Kevin Weinstein of Melodiesinfonie. The two met by chance in 2016 at a music venue in Zurich. Dorj recalls thinking that Weinstein’s performance was the best DJ set he had ever heard. Following their initial meeting, the pair stayed in touch and quickly discovered how similar they were. As their friendship blossomed, the duo made frequent visits to their respective hometowns of Tel Aviv and Zurich. The album, which they only worked on in person, is called  Muar, (Enlightened in Hebrew), and is different than Dorj’s earlier music which focused on a singular element or phase. Muar is a depiction of a whole story, the full spectrum of our internal worlds which affects our every thought and action. According to Dorj, once a person understands their own motivations, they experience a type of enlightenment. “What keeps you away from gaining perspective is ego. Where there is love, there is no ego and where there is ego, there is no love.”

Photos by Tsofit Barabi


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