Form, Function, and the Feelings in Between

Beirut-based design duo, David/Nicolas are making the things that matter.

Luminous Trio

Aqua Creations unveils a customization of light.

Life Forms

ABS Objects become an extension
of the self.

Skin Deep

Tattoo artist and aesthete Sara Kori on self expression and unexpected inspiration.

Effortless Wares

Hilla Toledano masters the art of subtlety with her line of leather accessories.

Line Dance

Through a reductive approach, Koketit reveals the unseen.

Experiential Bliss

A curated design space to enchant the senses.

Decoding Popularity

Adva Kremer unravels and reinterprets the consequences popularity has on an artwork, transforming concept into entity.

Golden Ratio

A unisex line of handcrafted cuffs are the perfect fit, literally.

Garden Study

Hadas Hayun’s wandering garden series features elements of the flora and fauna of Israel’s four seasons.