Human Nature

Tamar Karavan reveals the benefits of living with an open heart.

Like the soft petals of a flower tilting towards the sun, unfolding fervently to feel a touch of warmth, Tamar Karavan’s Open Hearts series reveals the innate inclination we have for connection. The series explores emotion, specifically within the female heart. The images depicted show the interiors of a pomegranate and an artichoke, revealing intricacies and layers only visible when the produce is susceptible to being seen. So to with the human heart, to be truly seen, we need to reveal our souls. To open “your heart” and remain vulnerable is the challenge that Karavan’s works portray. According to the artist, self-preservation is the driving force behind the heart’s vacillation between being open and closed. “To be understood for who we really are, we need to keep our hearts wide open,” urges Karavan. 

Photos by Tamar Karavan, Model: Diane Frankfurt, Photo Assistant: Asaf Shema, Make Up & Hair: Osnat Beit-On


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