The mediterranean's NEW Aesthetic

As Promised Magazine is a quarterly publication exploring the idea of Identity through aesthetics,
slow living and style; focusing on the Levantine culture worldwide.

Human Nature

Like the soft petals of a flower tilting towards the sun, unfolding fervently to feel a touch of warmth, Tamar Karavan’s Open Hearts series reveals the innate inclination we have for connection.

Tracing Tahini

A visit to the Jibrini Tahini Factory in Jerusaelm’s Old City and the Samaritan Sesame Mill in Nablus reveal what has changed and what has remained the same in the making of tahini.

Jerusalem, Between a Fork and Knife

Chefs Assaf Granit and Kamel Hashlamon embark on a journey through Jerusalem, the Galilean village of Rameh and finally to Istanbul, and uncover the nuances of regional cuisine.

Light Worship

“I started going to church everyday to enjoy the quiet and take photos.” – Dor Kedmi

The lucky ones

Garden Study

Hadas Hayun’s wandering garden series features elements of the flora and fauna of Israel’s four seasons.

What Lies Beneath

Fatma Shanan’s large scale oil paintings of traditional rugs depict a connection to customary symbols as well as carving out space for modern dialogue.

With A Dash of Love

Ernesto and Matan create photogenic delicacies in their kitchen, making staying in all the more tempting.

Other-Worldly Items

Inspired by ancient ceramic craft techniques, Tal Batit fuses a contemporary color palette with his signature glazed finishes, creating an entirely new animal.

New Necessities

With names like White Jack, Black Star, Egg Master and Bay Watch, Dueple, the five-month old sock brand, features a surprisingly subtle collection of 31 solid colors.

A Print Lover's Dream

Model Behavior

Determined to depict the refugees in Tel Aviv through a different and more flattering lens, photographer Miri Davidovitz, influenced by her extensive background in fashion photography, took to the streets.

Sand Castles

Oblivious to the power pulsing through their long legs, soft curves, swollen lips, teenagers in the desert tilt their heads toward the sun, until their bodies radiate the heat of the terrain.

Growing Sideways

What happens if we choose community over continuity, squiggly lines over lineage? What if our friends can teach us more than our public figures? Why not be inspired by what surrounds is instead of what's "above" us?

Wearable Sculpture

Hed Mayner's functional wear is sent to space and embodies a utilitarian aesthetic touched by the fine hand of an atelier.

As Promised Lately

 Our events connect the As Promised global community of readers to the voices, sounds and tastes featured in the magazine.
Each new issue of As Promised is celebrated in metropolitan cities across the world.

To attend or co-host an upcoming event, write to us at


Tribeca Film Festival, Spring 2019

The third issue of As Promised was celebrated in conjunction with the Tribeca Film Festival, one of the most prominent film festivals in the world, during a private film screening at Spring Studios. We were proud to host live-action short, Skin from Oscar-winning director Guy Nattiv.


Ace Hotel Los Angeles, Spring 2019

As Promised celebrated its third issue in Los Angeles in conjunction with Ace Hotel, the famed hospitality group known for spearheading local cultural movements with properties and tastemakers in locations throughout the US, including LA, Chicago, Portland, Illinois, Palm Springs, New York City, and London.


Villa Rose Paris, Winter 2018

Following the launch of issue number one in New York City, As Promised made its very first trip to Europe for an exclusive event at Villa Rose Paris in celebration of our first issue.

The Spirit of The Levant

History, tradition and mystery unfold during a trip to the Rai restaurant and distillery.

Perfect Pairing

Husband & wife culinary duo celebrate traditional and innovative local cuisine at Majda.

Citrus Season

Flourishing in the Mediterranean sun, a cast of citrus fruits are woven into the culinary culture.

Sherbet, Sorbet and Sorbetto

The cool and refreshing history of an age-old palate cleanser and dessert.