Everyday middle eastern lifestyle

Desert Spirit

Inspired by a Tuscan mentality, Midbar winery masters the art of simplicity.

Flush of Youth

Photographer, Michal Chelbin captures a rural population at the cusp of adulthood.

Line Dance

Through a reductive approach, Koketit reveals the unseen.

Passion Fruit

The consumption of Mediterranean fruit reveals more than meets the eye.

Perfectly candid moments backstage are captured
by Merav Ben Loulou.

Perfectly candid moments backstage are captured
by Merav Ben Loulou.


regional traditions, local ingredients,
and contemporary soul meet.

Traversing Taste

On the Hummus Route traces the lineage of a golden legume from the bustling streets of Cairo, through narrow alleys of Gaza, to Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Nazareth, Jerusalem, Acre, Damascus, and Beirut.

Perfect Pairing

Husband & wife culinary duo of Majda celebrate traditional and innovative local cuisine.


local and international photographers reframe
our thoughts and realities.


A Mediterranean style guide

Reading Women

Since the emergence of Feminist critical theory, no cultural text about women is read without raising the question of its feminism or lack thereof; and no “feminine” text has been as widely discussed regarding that question, as Little Women.

Threads For Change

Adish is the long-awaited answer for today’s cool crowd drawn to initiatives embodying inclusivity and an effortless spirit.

How To Practice Invisibility

From Plato’s shepherd to J.R.R. Tolkien’s Frodo Baggins to J.K. Rowlings’ Harry Potter, fictional characters granted the superpower of invisibility are almost exclusively male.

Hidden Revelation

Donning robe like fashions of undulating folds and layers, the photos are a study in thoughtful concealment.

Passion Fruit

The consumption of Mediterranean fruit reveals more than meets the eye.

Growing Sideways

What happens if we choose community over continuity, squiggly lines over lineage? What if our friends can teach us more than our public figures? Why not be inspired by what surrounds is instead of what’s “above” us?

Wearable Sculpture

Hed Mayner’s functional wear is sent to space and embodies a utilitarian aesthetic touched by the fine hand of an atelier.

Sand Castles

Oblivious to the power pulsing through their long legs, soft curves, swollen lips, teenagers in the desert tilt their heads toward the sun, until their bodies radiate the heat of the terrain.

As Promised Lately

 Our events connect the As Promised global community of readers to the voices, sounds and tastes featured in the magazine.
Each new issue of As Promised is celebrated in metropolitan cities across the world.

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Tribeca Film Festival, Spring 2019

The third issue of As Promised was celebrated in conjunction with the Tribeca Film Festival, one of the most prominent film festivals in the world, during a private film screening at Spring Studios. We were proud to host live-action short, Skin from Oscar-winning director Guy Nattiv.


Ace Hotel Los Angeles, Spring 2019

As Promised celebrated its third issue in Los Angeles in conjunction with Ace Hotel, the famed hospitality group known for spearheading local cultural movements with properties and tastemakers in locations throughout the US, including LA, Chicago, Portland, Illinois, Palm Springs, New York City, and London.


Villa Rose Paris, Winter 2018

Following the launch of issue number one in New York City, As Promised made its very first trip to Europe for an exclusive event at Villa Rose Paris in celebration of our first issue.